AphasiaBank Protocol Cantonese Controls

Anthony Pak Hin Kong
Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Central Florida

Sam Po Law
Speech and Hearing Sciences
The University of Hong Kong

Participants: 2 controls
Type of Study: AphasiaBank Protocol -- Cantonese
Location: China
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5401P

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Any publications arising from the use of this dataset should acknowledge Cantonese AphasiaBank project [NIH: 1-R01-DC10398].

General Overview

The current content represents a subset of data collected in Hong Kong from native Cantonese speakers with and without stroke-induced aphasia. The elicitation protocol follows the English AphasiaBank protocol, but with careful adaptation to the local Chinese culture. Interested researchers, clinicians, and students can access the full corpus materials at the Cantonese AphasiaBank website.