AphasiaBank Protocol Croatian PWAs

Jelena Kuvac Kraljevic
Speech and Language Pathology
University of Zagreb


Gordana Hrzica
Speech and Language Pathology
University of Zagreb


Karolina Lice
SUVAG Polyclinic

Participants: 10 fluent, 10 non-fluent participants with aphasia
Type of Study: AphasiaBank Protocol -- Croatian
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5RT1J

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Citation information

Kuvac Kraljevic, J., Hrzica, G., Lice, K. (2017). CroDA: a Croatian discourse corpus of speakers with aphasia. Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research, 53, 2.

Any publications arising from the use of this dataset should cite this paper.

Project Description

Croatian discourse corpus of speakers with aphasia (CroDA) consists of language samples of 20 participants with aphasia. In accordance with the AphasiaBank Protocol, the following discourse tasks were sampled: personal narrative, picture description, story narrative and procedural discourse. Recorded speech was transcribed according to the Codes for Human Analysis of Transcripts (CHAT), and aligned with audio files. The procedures were approved by the Ethical Committee of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. Detailed overview of participants and the process of collecting, transcribing and coding the data is described in the paper cited above. Additional information about participants are available in the attached spreadsheet. The completion of CroDA could not have been possible without the participation and assistance of many people that helped with the data collection and transcription. Most of all we would like to express our deep appreciation to Marina Olujic and Ana Matic.

We also wish to thank to people who have contributed to the collection, transcription and coding of CroDA. Martina Vuković Ogrizek, Vlasta Vasilj, Kristina Škarić, (speech and language pathologists at the SUVAG Polyclinic) have particpated in the data collcetion. Additionally, we also want to acknowledge the 15 people who worked to transcribe and link the CroDA corpus: Katarina Minarik, Dalma Hatvalić, Valerija Hranić, Mihaela Gaća, Marta Jovanović, Doris Marić, Lucija Kuvačić, Lena Klarić, Nela Balog, Mateja Gabaj, Paola Danjek, Maja Šušak, Zrinka Kuna, Patricia Piškor, and Vanja Uzelac.

CroDA was developed within the framework of the project Adult Language Processing (HRZZ-2421-UIP-11-2013).