AphasiaBank English Non-Protocol Data

This page provides an index to AphasiaBank English corpora and samples that do not use the AphasiaBank Discourse Protocol.

You can also browse the AphasiaBank database online from this link.

Corpus Description Contributor
CAP English CAP (Comparative Aphasia Project) data Elizabeth Bates
ChialFlahive People with aphasia and some controls doing a variety of tasks Michael Chial and Michael Flahive
Dysphagia swallowing studies Phyllis Palmer
Fridriksson WAB picture descriptions from a clinical research study. Julius Fridriksson
Goodwin Three videos of naturalistic conversations - CA coding Charles Goodwin
Holland1 Five-minute conversations (no media files). Audrey Holland
Holland2 Four different people with aphasia -- interviews and various tasks. Audrey Holland
Hopkins People with aphasia describing the New Cookie Theft picture, some repeat administrations. Argye Hillis
Kurland People with aphasia (n=16) describing the Cookie Theft picture, many repeat administrations Jacquie Kurland
Mackie One person with Broca aphasia -- 2 videos of conversation in natural environments, 1 video of PICA administration. Nina Simmons-Mackie
Menn Four different people with aphasia -- pragmatics. Lise Menn
Oelschlager Conversations with an individual with moderate aphasia - CA coding. Mary Oelschlager
Olness 50 individuals with aphasia and 30 controls -- picture descriptions, discourse. Gloria Olness
Pawleys Longitudinal conversations with an individual with fluent aphasia . Margaret Forbes
Penn Conversations with English and Afrikaans people with aphasia. Claire Penn
QAB The Quick Aphasia Battery (QAB), administered to 16 individuals with aphasia, 3 times each. Stephen Wilson
SCALE Individual conversations between Audrey Holland and a person with aphasia. Denise McCall
Shadden Conversations with one client at the beginning of her treatment sessions, group sessions. Barbara Shadden
SouthAL Gray Oral Reading Tests -- individuals with aphasia. Kimberly Smith
TeleRounds Grand Rounds cases Audrey Holland
Thompson Cinderella stories by 3 individuals with aphasia. Cynthia Thompson
Tucson Individual conversations between Audrey Holland and people with aphasia, one conversation between Audrey and the spouse of a person with aphasia. Fabiane Hirsch Cruse
Ulatowska Discourse samples from individuals with aphasia. Hanna Ulatowska