Holland1 Corpus

Audrey Holland
Speech and Hearing Sciences
University of Arizona

Participants: 42
Type of Study: 5-minute conversations
Location: USA
Media type: none
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5JK5S
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Citation information

Holland, A., Miller, J., Reinmuth, O., Bartlett, C., Fromm, D., Pashek, G., Stein, D., & Swindell, C. (1985). Rapid recovery from aphasia: A detailed language analysis. Brain and Language, 24, 156–173.

General Overview

These language transcripts were gathered under the direction of Audrey Holland and O.M. Reinmuth as part of research project funded by NINCDS entitled “Early Language Recovery Following Stroke.” Dr. Holland contributed them to the CHILDES database in 1986 and reformatted them from SALT to CHAT in 1988.

Patients were seen for 15 minutes a day, 6 days per week throughout the course of their hospitalization, beginning at 24 to 72 hours post-stroke. The daily visits were conducted by two trained speech-language pathologists: one to converse with the patient and the other to observe, tape record, and tally features of the interaction. For each patient there are three transcribed conversations, representing 5-minute segments from the first, middle, and last visits made during the patient’s hospitalization. The file name includes a number that will indicate which visit it is. For example, there are files for the patient coded as Wilde: wilde1.cha, wilde9.cha, and wilde17.cha. In this case, the patient had 17 total visits: wilde1 is the first, wilde9 the ninth, and wilde17 the seventeenth and last.

Participant Information

Pseudonym Age Side Initial Dx
Athos 51 R normal
Atkins 79 L Wernicke
Barrie 19 B uncertain + apraxia of speech
Basil 72 R dysarthria + uncertain
Boris 38 B unresponsive
Brown 59 L global
Collin 75 L global
Cyert 35 L global/mixed
Davis 85 L wernicke
Getty 76 L uncertain + dysarthria
Godot 77 R R hem cog + L neglect + dysarthria
Gruman 45 L broca + apraxia of speech + dysarthria
Hector 74 L anomia + confusion
Henley 75 L thalamic neglect + confusion
Holmes 64 L conduction
Horace 60 L uncertain
Jones 69 L apraxia of speech + uncertain
Kirk 48 L global
Malone 35 L transcortical motor
Miles 76 L wernicke
Milan 61 L global
Milton 74 R normal
Murray 71 R thalamic neglect + R hem cog
Neil 68 L conduction
Norman 33 L apraxia of speech + uncertain
Oliver 45 B R hem cog
Parker 81 L wernicke
Robert 77 R L neglect + R hem cog + dysarthria/td>
Rudolf 69 L conduction
Rupert 74 L dysarthria
Scott 80 L dysarthria + R neglect
Seller 61 L broca + dysarthria
Spade 93 L wernicke
Stone 40 L uncertain + dysarthria
Stuart 61 L uncertain
Taylor 55 B unresponsive
White 73 L uncertain + dysarthria
Wilde 82 L global
Wilson 64 R R hem cog + L neglect + dysarthria
Young 65 L dysarthria
Zenith 76 L uncertain
Zipps 82 L global