Kurland Corpus

Jacquie Kurland
Communication Disorders Department
University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Participants: 16
Type of Study: discourse
Location: USA
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5HM4F

Citation information

MacWhinney, B., Fromm, D., Forbes, M. & Holland, A. (2011). AphasiaBank: Methods for studying discourse. Aphasiology, 25,1286-1307.

In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one of the above references.

General Overview

The Brain Research on Chronic Aphasia (BRoCA Lab; Kurland, PI) is investigating:

  • a better understanding of the neural mechanisms supporting brain reorganization in post-stroke aphasia
  • the effects of different treatment variables on language recovery in aphasia
  • individual differences in language recovery in post-stroke aphasia
  • treatment outcome measures that demonstrate improvements in discourse and in quality of life
  • These are descriptions of the Cookie Theft stimulus picture only. All of these participants were seen at multiple times as part of a treatment study. They also have transcripts and video files in the Protocol section of the AphasiaBank Database. Those transcripts include all or part of the standard AphasiaBank Discourse Protocol and were done at different visits than these Cookie-Theft-only samples.

    Demographic data are available here.