Telerounds Corpus

Audrey Holland
Speech and Hearing Sciences
University of Arizona

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Participants: 13 videos
Type of Study: Varied content (see below)
Location: USA
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5D30T

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In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one corpus reference. If none is given, please use the primary AphasiaBank reference:
MacWhinney, B., Fromm, D., Forbes, M. & Holland, A. (2011). AphasiaBank: Methods for studying discourse. Aphasiology, 25,1286-1307.

General Overview

Telerounds are educational Grand Rounds dealing with different clinical speech and language problems of neurogenic origin. They are presented by national and international experts. Audrey Holland (University of Arizona) made these videos available.

Some of these movies are not transcribed.

Participant -- mild anomic aphasia and apraxia of speech, 5 yrs post-onset
Tasks -- free speech sample with investigator

Participant – aphasia
Tasks -- free speech sample, counting
Participant -- Broca aphasia and apraxia of speech
Tasks -- free speech sample


Participant -- Broca aphasia
1 minute 32 seconds
Task -- stroke story

Aphasia group discussion led by Pelagie Beeson (University of Arizona)
Aphasia group discussion (more severe) led by Nancy Helm-Estabrooks

Aphasia group discussion led by Nancy, cont.
Aphasia group at University of Arizona
Aphasia group at University of Arizona
Aphasia Group at University of Arizona led by Pelagie Beeson

Aphasia group at University of Arizona
Aphasia group at University of Arizona
2 individuals with mild aphasia, testimonials about aphasia group

Testimonial from 2nd individual, cont.
2 family members of individuals with aphasia, testimonials about aphasia group

“Chronic Broca’s Aphasia: Evidence for Right Hemisphere Language”
Kathryn Bayles, University of Arizona, moderator
Presentations by Pelagie Beeson and Steven Rapcsak, University of Arizona
Case presentation (GK) – free speech

Case presentation (Broca’s aphasia), cont. – free speech, WAB picture description
More clinical and neuroradiological presentations
Case presentation (VH) – free speech

Participant – aphasia
Tasks -- picture description

Demonstration therapy with ST, primarily spelling and writing