AphasiaBank Group Data

This page provides an index to TalkBank AphasiaBank Group Treatment data.

You can also browse the AphasiaBank database online from this link.

Corpus....... Description Contributors..............................
BU 24 group therapy sessions at Boston University -- Toastmasters, Book Club, News, Daily Wrap-Ups. Liz Hoover
Duquesne 58 group therapy sessions at Duquesne University -- some using Elman's Thematic Treatment Model (2007); others focusing on word retrieval, reading, writing, and discourse with mildly impaired participants. Sarah Wallace, Annette Neff, Caterina Staltari
SCALE 6 group therapy sessions at SCALE. Denise McCall
Trove Group therapy sessions with PWAs using the Trove method. Janet Whiteside and Chris Stapleton
Williamson Group therapy sessions Darlene Williamson
Wozniak 4 group therapy sessions in Nova Scotia -- theme-based. Linda Wozniak