AphasiaBank C-NNLA

This page provides links to information about the C-NNLA command, which automatically computes outcome measures from the Northwestern Narrative Language Analysis system (Thompson and colleagues). Selected NNLA references are listed at the bottom of the page. Click here for the JSLHR article about automation of the NNLA system (Fromm, MacWhinney, and Thompson, 2020).

C-NNLA rules

Click here for information about how NNLA outcome measures are computed by CLAN's C-NNLA command. Additional information on CHAT and CLAN is available in the manuals here.

Cinderella files

Click here for the CHAT files used in the development and testing of the C-NNLA command -- 8 aphasia, 10 control.

Click here for Excel spreadsheet results for the aphasia group and click here for the control group results. These results were generated by running this command on each of the folders (aphasia, control): c-nnla +t*par *.cha
To get one spreadsheet with results from both the aphasia and the control folders, use this command: c-nnla +t*par +re *.cha

Master test files

Click here for the 2 CHAT files used in the development and testing of the C-NNLA command -- aphasia.cha and control.cha. These CHAT files were created by randomly selecting 10 consecutive utterances from each of the 18 Cinderella files (8 aphasia, 10 control) mentioned above.

Click here for Excel spreadsheet results for these test files. These results were generated by running this command:
c-nnla +t*par *.cha


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