AphasiaBank C-QPA

This page provides links to information about the C-QPA command, which automatically computes outcome measures from the Quantitative Production Analysis system (Berndt, Wayland, Rochon, & Schwartz, 2000; Rochon, Saffran, Berndt, & Schwartz, 2000; Saffran, Berndt, & Schwartz, 1989).

C-QPA rules

Click here for information about how C-QPA outcome measures are computed by CLAN's C-QPA command and some additional transcription tips to ensure accurate computation of QPA outcome measures. Additional information on CHAT and CLAN is available in the manuals here.

Cinderella files

Click here for a set of CHAT files prepared for analysis with the C-QPA command as well as the Excel spreadsheet results for those CHAT files

Results include individual Analysis Sheets for each transcript (with participant's ID and "AS" in the filename) and one composite Summary Sheet for all transcripts (SummarySheet.xlsx). These results were generated by running this command on the files:

c-qpa +t*par *.cha


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