AphasiaBank Core Lexicon

This page provides information about Core Lexicon.

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Manually. Scoring can be done manually without transcribing, using core lexicon checklists and a recording of the language sample, marking off which words were used.

Automatically. Scoring can also be done automatically from a CHAT file that has a %mor tier (from running the MOR program). The automatic command will produce a spreadsheet showing which words from the core lexicon checklist were used. These core lexicon lists are for the five AphasiaBank Discourse Protocol tasks, as published in Dalton et al. (2020).

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the appropriate cut file from the list below for the task you want to evaluate.
  2. Put that cut file into the folder with the CHAT file(s) for that task.
  3. Be sure the working directory in the CLAN Commands window is set to the folder where your files are located.
  4. Type this command into the CLAN commands window -- gemfreq +n +t*par +ssandwich +w@sandwich.cut filename.cha .
    • You can use *.cha if you want to evaluate all the CHAT files in the folder.
    • Substitute the appropriate cut file name for the other tasks -- e.g., window.cut.
    • If you just want to see results on the screen and not on a spreadsheet, remove +d2 from the command.
    • If you want to remove utterances with [+ exc] post-codes, add -w"[+ exc]" to the command.
    • If you already had the task extracted as its own gem, you could simply run this command -- freq +t*par +s@sandwich.cut filename.gem.cex.
  5. The "Types" column in the spreadsheet will show how many words from the list were used. The other columns will show which specific words from the list were used and how frequently. Be sure to save the spreadsheet as a .xlsx Workbook in Excel.

Cut files

Broken Window -- (coming soon)
Refused Umbrella -- (coming soon)
Cat Rescue -- (coming soon)
Cinderella -- (coming soon)