AphasiaBank Story Grammar

This page provides links to information about Story Grammar analysis.

Selected articles using Story Grammar analysis:

Story Grammar Scoring Basics -- Roth & Spekman, 1986

  1. Setting -- habitual or static states of characters and locations
    • major setting
    • minor setting
  2. Initiating Events -- the immediate cause for a response on the part of the protagonist
    • natural occurrence
    • action
    • internal event
    • verbalization
  3. Response -- the psychological state of the character after the initiating event or a verbal response to the situation
    • affective response
    • goal
    • cognition
  4. Plan -- statements that specify a character's strategy for obtaining the goal
  5. Attempt -- the character's overt action(s) to obtain the goal.
  6. Direct Consequence -- the character's success or failure at attaining the goal(s); any changes in the sequence of events resulting from the character's actions
    • natural occurence
    • action
    • end state
  7. Reaction -- the way the character feels or reports feeling about the outcome; the character's thoughts regarding success or failure
    • affect
    • cognition
    • action

Story Grammar Scoring Manual & Coding Template -- Pond, Higginson, Jaskolka, & Greenslade, 2023