AphasiaBank Video Download

Video Download

The link below allows you to download the 40 video clips from the AphasiaBank Grand Rounds webpage. This is not a necessary step for using the Grand Rounds webpage -- all of these videos play from the main Grand Rounds link. These are being made available in case you want to use them outside of that framework. All 40 video clips are in a zip file that is 762 MB, so the download may take a while.

Your AphasiaBank password is required for access to these movies. Please remember to keep in mind the CODE OF ETHICS and BASIC RULES (https://talkbank.org/share/rules.html) for data sharing for all TalkBank databases.

The names of the video clips include the participant ID, sample type, and WAB type.
Example: elman01a_cinderella_conduction.mp4

If you would like a copy of these videos for your own use, click here:

Download Videos
Warning: Huge download (762 MB)!