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This page provides information about approaches to discourse analysis with specific focus on gesture. We are grateful to the investigators who have shared their work. Others who have related work to share are encouraged to email Brian MacWhinney at

Ferré corpus

This folder includes a set of 8 transcriptions contributed by Gaëlle Ferré from the University of Nantes. The transcripts in this folder are done in the ELAN program, not in CLAN. To use them, you would have to install ELAN, which you can download from . You would also need to download the matching video from the database and put it into the folder with the ELAN .eaf file to be opened by ELAN. The transcripts are based on 8 videos that you can download from the AphasiaBank collection:

Ferré's 2020 article, Gesture, prosody and verbal content in non-fluent aphasic speech, describes the analysis and is included here.

City Gesture Checklist -- Caute, Roper, Dipper, & Pritchard (2017)

Any use of this CGC material for research, clinical, or educational purposes must be accompanied by this reference:
Caute, A., Dipper, L., & Roper, A. (2021). The City Gesture Checklist: The development of a novel gesture assessment. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 56(1), 20-35.

Here, is a link to the article. It has the CGC assessment in the supplemental files and also includes this figshare link.

Here is a pdf of the City Gesture Checklist.