AphasiaBank Protocol Data

This page provides an index to TalkBank AphasiaBank data based on the use of the AphasiaBank Protocol in several languages. In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from these corpora must cite at least one corpus reference (see citation info on corpus page) and acknowledge AphasiaBank grant support -- NIDCD R01-DC008524.

You can also browse the AphasiaBank database online from this link.

Corpus...................... Description Contributor
Cantonese-Aphasia Cantonese-speaking PWAs. Sampo Law and Ant Kong
Cantonese-Control Cantonese-speaking controls. Sampo Law and Ant Kong
Croatian-Aphasia Croatian-speaking PWAs. Jelena Kuvac Kraljevic, Gordana Hrzica, and Karolina Lice
English-Aphasia English-speaking PWAs. 26 contribution sites
English-Control English-speaking controls. Gilson Capilouto, Dan Kempler, Mary Boyle, Jessica Richardson, and Heather Wright
French-Aphasia French-speaking PWAs. Capucine Colin and Camille LeMeur
French-Control French-speaking PWAs. Capucine Colin and Camille LeMeur
German-Aphasia German-speaking PWA. Jacqueline Stark
Greek-Aphasia Greek-speaking PWAs. Spyridoula (Pepi) Stamouli
Italian-Aphasia Italian-speaking PWAs. Sara Andreetta
Japanese-Aphasia Japanese-speaking PWAs. Kazuki Sekine, Naoko Iizuka
Japanese-Control Japanese-speaking controls. Kazuki Sekine, Naoko Iizuka
Mandarin-Aphasia Mandarin-speaking PWAs. Feng Lin
Mandarin-Control Mandarin-speaking controls. Feng Lin
Romanian-Aphasia Romanian-speaking PWAs. Réka Kutasi
Spanish-Aphasia Spanish-speaking and bilingual PWAs. Maria Muñoz