AphasiaBank English PWA Protocol Data

This page provides access to the individual segments of the overall English AphasiaBank PWA protocol data collected at various sites across the United States and Canada. Margie Forbes and Audrey Holland did much of the data collection in collaboration with local sites. In other cases, the sites administered the protocol and test and then contributed the materials to the shared database. Many of the sessions were transcribed by Davida Fromm, Lillian Jarold, and Andrew Yankes at CMU; some were transcribed by the individual contributors and their teams. There is currently a total of 476 participants (some with multiple administrations). All corpora have transcripts linked to video.
Corpus N Contributors Site
ACWT 12 Katy Binek and Kathryn Shelley Aphasia Center of West Texas
Adler 25 Gretchen Szabo Adler Aphasia Center
APROCSA 6 Stephen Wilson Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Baycrest 14 Jed Meltzer Baycrest
BU 12 Elizabeth Hoover Boston University
CC-Stark 6 Brielle Stark file for CC
CMU 3 Brian MacWhinney Carnegie Mellon University
Elman 15 Roberta Elman Aphasia Center of California
Fridriksson 13 Julius Fridriksson University of South Carolina
Fridriksson-2 68 Julius Fridriksson University of South Carolina
Garrett 2 Kathryn Garrett Pittsburgh, PA
Kansas 23 Susan Jackson University of Kansas
Kempler 4 Daniel Kempler Emerson College
Kurland 29 Jacquie Kurland University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MSU 8 Mary Boyle Montclair State University
NEURAL 25 Brielle Stark NEURAL Research Lab, Indiana University
NEURAL-2 in progress Brielle Stark NEURAL Research Lab, Indiana University
Richardson 20 Jessica Richardson University of New Mexico
SCALE 38 Denise McCall Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement
STAR 1 Melinda Corwin Stroke Aphasia Recovery Program
TAP 19 Maura Silverman Triangle Aphasia Project
TCU 7 Maria Muñoz Texas Christian University
TCU 2 Maria Muñoz TCU - bilinguals
Thompson 14 Cynthia Thompson Northwestern University
Tucson 22 Fabiane Hirsch Kruse University of Arizona
UCL 4 Michael Dean University College London
UMD 20 Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah University of Maryland
UNH 11 Amy Ramage University of New Hampshire
Whiteside 20 Janet Whiteside University of Central Florida
Williamson 24 Darlene Williamson Stroke Comeback Center
Wozniak 7 Linda Wozniak InteRACT
Wright 7 Heather Wright Arizona State University

Citation information

MacWhinney, B., Fromm, D., Forbes, M. & Holland, A. (2011). AphasiaBank: Methods for studying discourse. Aphasiology, 25,1286-1307.

In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from this corpus must be accompanied by at least one relevant corpus reference.

General Overview

The AphasiaBank English Discourse Protocol includes the following discourse tasks:

The CHAT transcript ID header tier for the participants with aphasia includes the information listed below. For participants without aphasia, the WAB fields are empty.

The following tests are administered in conjunction with the discourse protocol:

Materials in the AphasiaBank Protocol are available from the here . Web-based administration can be done from here (investigator instructions) and here (picture stimuli).

Links to spreadsheets with participants' demographic data are available here; links to test results spreadhsheets are available here.

Participants are identified by a corpus name, a number, and a letter (indicating the order of repeated administrations of the protocol). For example, MSU01a is participant #01 from Montclair State University seen for the first time, and MSU01b is the same person seen for a second time. If the protocol (or parts of the protocol) is repeated within 6 months of the previous administration, test data (e.g., WAB-R scores) from the previous administration are used. The demographic spreadsheet provides dates of testing.

In accordance with TalkBank rules, use of data from any of these AphasiaBank corpora must be accompanied by this reference:
MacWhinney, B., Fromm, D., Forbes, M. & Holland, A. (2011). AphasiaBank: Methods for studying discourse. Aphasiology, 25,1286-1307.

Additional citations for individual corpora are available as necessary on the corpus subpages above.