AphasiaBank Non-Protocol Non-English Data

This page provides an index to TalkBank AphasiaBank non-English data not collected using the Protocol. In accordance with TalkBank rules, any use of data from these corpora must cite at least one corpus reference (see citation info on corpus page) and acknowledge AphasiaBank grant support -- NIDCD R01-DC008524.

You can also browse the AphasiaBank database online from this link.

Corpus Description Contributor
German- CAP German CAP data Elizabeth Bates, Angela Friederici, and Meiti Opie
Greek - Goutsos Greek PWAs Dionysis Goutsos
Greek - Thessaloniki Greek PWAs Hariklia Proios and Felix Diaz Martinez
Hungarian - CAP Hungarian CAP data Brian MacWhinney and Judit Osman-Sági
Italian - CAP Italian CAP data Elizabeth Bates and Antonella Devescovi
Mandarin - CAP Mandarin CAP data Elizabeth Bates and Daisy Tseng
Spanish - PerLA Spanish PWAs and RHD Beatriz Gallardo-Pauls